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Our History

We are a Brazilian company focused on the commercialization of agricultural fresh produce, distinguished by our high quality and international standards applied to our whole process: technical assistance to grower, harvest, selection and fruit treatment, packing, logistics and distribution (land, air or sea way shipped) and post sales service.

We started our activities in 1995 focused on fresh papaya commercialization. Since our beginning we are located in Linhares, at the North of Espirito Santo. Espirito Santo, our State, is an important producer of papaya, cacao, coffee, ginger and many others.

In 1996 we made the first papaya shipment to Europe, and in 2000 we were approved by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to export papaya to the USA (we’re the third Brazilian company approved), starting since then our operations in this country.

Step by step we started to commercialize other fruits and roots like mango, fig, lemon, avocado, passion fruit, pineapple, eddo and ginger. Brazil is the third biggest fruit producer in the world (approximately 40 millions of tons per year), and we have the commitment to deliver the best Brazilian fruits to all our customers in or outside the country.

Nowadays we work with national supermarket chains and clients in Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Sweden and the United States.

Thanks to our partnership with local growers, our work team and the logistics and transportation companies, we contribute with Brazilian enhancement in world’s international fruticulture scene and with our clients in order to deliver to them the best quality and the taste of health.